Veronica Falls - Wait For Something To Happen

Wait For Something To Happen, second album from London band Veronica Falls starts out promising enough, very much so. The deep grumbling guitar intro to the stupendous 'Tell Me', with its Middle Eastern tempo might just be the most glorious song the band have ever created. The chiming boy/girl harmonies and snap snap percussion, it is three minutes thirty seconds of indie perfection. Living up to that would always be hard - and the rest of the album never quite lives up to that initial promise.

The band's R.E.M. stylings (hinted at in the debut) is even more evident in 'Teenage' and the jangly guitars of the title track. Elsewhere you have 80s indie-pop inspired tunes recreated with flair and (most of the time) panache: the deadpan aloofness of 'Shooting Star', or the melodramatic angst of the wonderful 'If You Still Want Me'. This is an album in which the songs may fare better with the immediacy of the live shows. And though lacking the endearing quirkiness of their terrific debut, Wait For Something To Happen still emits bright sparks. Maybe not earthshaking, yet still great fun.



out of 10

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