Pascal Pinon - Twosomeness

Here's a sister act that could become habit forming - well, for the committed few, at least. Such is the very deliberate and distinct nature of Pascal Pinon's feather light pop, their ambition is surely to charm a minority rather than conquer the globe. Prepare to listen. And listen hard.

Twosomeness - there's a title both off-puttingly fey and unrepresentative - is barely there but it makes up for its lack of dynamics with unfaltering focus. Twins Jófríður and Ásthildur, prodigies from Iceland who began making music at home in their early teens, spin subtle, complex melodies on this, their second album. Their songs skitter and drift like leaves on the breeze. Minimal percussion and gentle electronica support intimate, half-whispered harmonies. Match them for focus and the likes of 'Fernando' and 'Rifrildi' have enough understated power to make a play for your heart. Twosomeness is just lovely but it demonstrates scope by, at times, edging towards the shadows. Hey, it's always the quiet ones.



out of 10

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