Christopher Owens - Lysandre

I don't know. Lysandre, ex-Girls member Christopher Owens' debut solo effort, feels rather like one of those people you meet who you are supposed to like but they leave you wondering what the fuss was about. It has all the right indie credentials - it's stripped back, laid back, angsty, cool and quirky. Skater-kids will write the song lyrics in the margins of their school books. And yet ...

The album is a storybook of songs about a love affair that never really was. Opening tracks 'Lysandre's Theme' and 'Here We Go' are pretty enough, yet if I had been the girl this was written about I would have hoped for a little more emotion, a sense it had been worth the effort. Owens states the songs were written in retrospect, and there is that sense of feelings that have come and gone, with nothing left but bored resignation. Fourth song in, 'A Broken Heart', and already you know this story won't end well. 'Here We Go Again' and 'Riviera Rock' pick up the pace somewhat, adding some horn parts and swishy percussion and the momentum finally gets going a bit. This is a decent enough effort whose charms may eventually seep in, but as listeners it's fair to ask whether there's enough here to properly care.



out of 10

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