Various Artists - Django Unchained

Fittingly released in time for both Django Unchained's UK theatrical release and on the back of its five Oscar nominations, the soundtrack to the latest Tarantino opus is about as effortlessly cool a soundtrack as you're likely to hear. Unusually for a Tarantino soundtrack, the director has collaborated with various artists to create original material - including the biggest draw, a track from the Maestro himself, Ennio Morricone - but has packed in enough older recordings (replete with vinyl scratches) to make it feel like a quintessential Tarantino affair.

Taking a mostly sequential path through the film, with some choice dialogue along the way (potentially offensive to the more sensitive ear), there is a minor chance of spoilers but only if you're looking hard for them. Instead what you have is a pretty much consistently excellent album - the harsher '100 Black Coffins' by Rick Ross jars slightly - that delivers frequent highlights: the predictably excellent new Morricone effort 'Ancora Qui' featuring gorgeous Italian vocals from Elisa Toffoli, the downright beautiful 'Freedom' from Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton and the surging 'Lo Chiamavano King (His Name Is King)' (Luis Bacalov, Edda Dell'Orso) to name but a few. That's without even mentioning the timeless original 'Django' main theme (Luis Bacalov, Rocky Roberts) which we guarantee you'll want soundtracking your every movement from the first time you hear it, or the instrumentals Tarantino has chosen such as Morricone's 'The Braying Mule'. The film's a perfect 10, and the soundtrack isn't far behind.




out of 10

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