Duke Spirit - Love is an Unfamiliar Name

Sounding deceptively like The Kills on first listen, it is easy to remark how Alison Mosshart is sounding so much like PJ Harvey nowadays. However, the new single Love Is An Unfamiliar Name is by the Duke Spirit, and they are now playing with the esteemed ranking of being the cool band’s “cool band.”

The Kills association is elemental. A bass line like it’s moving beneath you, a guitar riff rocking like it’s shaking the room and a husky and nonchalant female vocal breathing lines like she’d rather be smoking cigarettes makes this single an aspiration.

Duke Spirit have always been champions of playing music they like rather than trying to have a certain sound, and as the music they like is along the lines of Velvet Underground, PJ Harvey and all things rock’n’roll, a listen to Duke Spirit is more like a celebration rather than a cynical foray down derivative lane.



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