The Avett Brothers - The Carpenter

North Carolina band The Avett Brothers return to the scene with the lovely country-tinged folk of The Carpenter, and as the title would suggest, it is earthy and cosy; Seth and Scott Avett's beautiful harmonies, the banjos and fiddles combine to make a peaceful and pleasant collection of tunes.

Though the title track goes on a bit too long, the spritely 'Live And Die' followed by the lonesome melancholy of 'Winter In My Heart' make up for it. While the album is a bit one dimensional, the tracks flowing into each other without much variation, still there is a sort of cohesion, and the songs have an endearing quality to them that lifts them out of the banal. However, as sedate and low-key these songs may be, they at least seem authentic, where as the silly 'Paul Newman Vs. The Demons' feels like the band playing at being rock stars - and not too convincingly at that. Best to stick with what you're good at and leave it at that.



out of 10

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