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Clockwork Radio
Manchester-based Clockwork Radio prove that an organic approach works best with their new single 'Resolver'. Combining meaty yet alluring vocals with the kind of guitar riff which will brighten up even the gloomiest of autumn days, this is a mesmerising slab of catchy indie-pop which deserves your full attention.

Drop Out Venus
It never exactly sets the pulse racing to be told that a band are "best experienced live", but you can see exactly why that's the case with Drop Out Venus. Their self-proclaimed "Junk Jazz" sees the two sides of this double A-side flail widely through styles over their collective 11 minutes, with some moments hitting better than others. While live it's probably thrilling to take in the musicianship, on record it never quite gels. 'I Kill Foxes' is the more cohesive of the two and as a result, the highlight of this first official single.

Dylan Mondegreen
As if we didn't have enough singer-songwriters of our own we now have the Norwegians trying to muscle in on the act but this annoyingly twee piece of lightweight Norwegian indie pop is not a good start. Utterly forgettable.

Joyce The Librarian
A nice rumbling bassline underpins this rather lovely piece of gentle indie folk that bodes well for their upcoming debut album. Not sure about the band's name though.

Kimberly Anne
'Bury It There', the first single from Kimberly Anne's EP of the same name, tears up any stereotypes surrounding acoustic singer-songwriters with her quirky yet accessible sound. The single is laden with catchy hooks and set against a warming afro-folk inspired beat, rounded off with discerning, soothing vocals. Delving into her own acoustic-pop niché with enthusiasm and honesty, this is the perfect soundtrack to recover from even the most bittersweet of nostalgic summer blues.

Union Chapel congregation cheer the gal from the Gotye song.

Papa Roach
Set to release their seventh album The Connection in a couple of weeks, 'Still Swingin' has come along to show that it's likely to be business as usual for Papa Roach. Great for fans, little for anyone else to cling to although the track does deliver a nicely rabble-rousing chorus. Most interesting aspect? Even Papa Roach aren't averse to a bit of dubstep. Literally everywhere these days.

A rip roaring slab of loud, shouty, emo-tinged punk rock with enough humour in the lyrics and and a level of self awareness that marks Scholars out as a cut above the crowd. It's just a shame their debut album won't be arriving until next year but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Single of the Week

Rupert Stroud
TMF approved Leeds singer-songwriter Rupert Stroud's latest single is a dark and menacing piece of blues infused heavy rock that simultaneously caresses and pummels your senses until you reach the only logical conclusion, that Stroud is a performer upping his game with every release and fully deserving of your attention. Great stuff.

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