Gouge - Doomed To Death

It's not often that a new band can so genuinely capture the spirit of the bands they grew up with, whatever the genre, but Norwegians Gouge have so brilliantly tapped into the old school death metal vibe with such authenticity on their debut 7" Doomed To Death. Eleven minutes of raw, bloody gore that makes you want to headbang maniacally, vomit up every meal you've ever had and massacre a small town, all at the same time (local residents, beware!)

The guitars buzz like a chainsaw tearing through flesh, but rather than having the horrible lo-fi hiss of those classic 80s demos, the sound production on Doomed To Death is a fine balance of pure filth and sublime clarity. All four tracks are built around furious riffs that hammer into the brain harder than, well, a hammer, and create more mess than an out of control mincer. Underpinned by some cracking blast-beat drumming belying the duo's tender years, Gouge are the new faces of a new generation of death metal. The future's bright, the future's crimson.



out of 10

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Tags death, gouge, metal
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