Karma To Burn - Karma To Burn: Slight Reprise

When Karma To Burn released their debut self-titled way back in 1997, the alternative music scene was going through a rough time, and an instrumental band were seen as an absolute non-starter by the label. So given a choice of adding vocals or the album sitting on the shelf, they chose the former, and the ball began to roll. Now in better times, the band have revisited the eponymous album and are releasing it as they originally intended. Stripped of vocals – with the exception of the John Garcia led 'Two Times', finally back on the record – the thunderous stoner riffs are able to weave their desert magic.

This is a truly hypnotic album, the combination of grooves a mile wide and the simple repetitive nature of the deliciously heavy guitars, whilst boring to some, to others transports them into a deep hazy state. The music is drug-fuelled and sounds it, but Karma To Burn do an excellent job of capturing that essence and turning it into an aural experience. This debut might have aged in the intervening years, but it is still a rip-roaring ride - and will certainly please the loyal followers to have the real debut at long last.



out of 10

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