Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials

I've listened to and reviewed a lot of bands from all over the world, but Mutiny On The Bounty is a first for the tiny principality of Luxemburg. Second album Trials is an odd one, seemingly the mixture of two entirely different bands that have somehow landed on the same disc. The opening of 'The Long Loud Silence' and 'North Korea', along with a few choice cuts later on – none more brilliant than standout 'Myanmar' – are excellent slices of technical post-rock full of emotive dynamics and evocative atmospherics as the guitars and synths paint intricate aural pictures.

But in between there is this awful indie emo drivel. Falling right into the identikit mould of super skinny jeans and overly-gelled hair, the staccato guitars and horribly whiney vocals are an affront to the hearing. Most confusingly of all is when Mutiny On The Bounty suddenly shift gear and morph from one identity to the other at the drop of a hat; messy attempts at trying to reconcile two halves that do not make a whole. Trials is half fantastical wizardry and half angsty rubbish, and completely perplexing.



out of 10

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Tags emo, indie, metal, prog
Category Quick Fix

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