Noisettes - Contact

Dynamic duo Noisettes return to take back their quirky pop crown with this their third album, Contact. Taking significant inspiration from the music of the 1970s, the pair have put a contemporary spin on the sound to make an interesting, cohesive album bound to put them back in the spotlight.

Standout track ‘Free’ sees eccentric front woman Shingai Shoniwa layering her soulful vocals over a Jamiroquai-esque chorus, breaking down into a throbbing percussive beat during the verses. The trademark Noisettes sound shines through on their upbeat tracks and the energy they are famed for delivering on stage comes across just as sharply through the speakers.

That said, the slower tracks on Contact feel thrown together compared to the tightness shown on their more buoyant songs. The album could definitely benefit from trading in at least a couple of the featured ballads, although the title track is a string-laden opportunity for Shingai’s husky tones to shine through in the same vein as many soul greats before her. Equally, secret track ‘Nothing is Lost’ is an emotionally engaging killer, bringing the album to a subtle yet striking finale.

The songwriting is tight and the pop hooks neat, and you get the feeling that the strength of Shingai’s voice could make the clattering of saucepans sound good. Those who thought that 2009’s Wild Young Hearts, couldn’t be matched may be right from a commercial perspective, but from a musical viewpoint Noisettes have done it again.



out of 10

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