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Showcasing a shameless attempt at bandwagon jumping, the effort we crown as this week's finest will not receive the historic Single of the Week award; instead, it'll be given a gold medal. No silver or bronze positions though, we couldn't afford the extra medals. Onwards.

Dry The River
The track that made us fall in love with Dry The River, 'No Rest' loses none of its power however many times you've played it. Building to a wonderful crescendo of noise, Peter Liddle's vocals are among the most emotively raw we've heard in many a year. Blistering.

Eugene McGuinness
The initial synth-pop overture is promising, but let down by the resounding choruses of irritating ‘do-do-do’s throughout. Ironically, a harlequinade is defined as ‘farcical clowning or buffoonery’. We’ll leave it at that.

It is this kind of anaemic bollocks that gives pop music a bad name. Embarrassingly poor lyrics, a weedy voice that has been auto tuned to death and the kind of by the numbers tune that makes you run screaming from lifts. Even the generic video fails to give anything remotely resembling entertainment. Utterly awful.

With its Mediterranean charm and breathy harmonies, pop belter ‘Sol’ is the perfect summer anthem now the old jet stream has kindly fucked off and given us a bit of sun. Play it in your car with the windows down; it‘ll be snowing before you know it.

Spiritualized have always been something of a Marmite band; some find them irritably and repetitively austere, others consider them purveyors of gloomy transcendence. ‘Little Girl’ sounds a bit like something you find yourself drunkenly dancing to at a wedding after everyone has long gone home. Jason Pierce retains his emo status, drawling dark thoughts whilst a somewhat unnerving tambourine reverberates throughout.

Given that they formed mere months ago, the debut effort from duo Splashh is a worthy opening salvo. Drenched in reverb, 'Need It' is bright and euphoric, resulting in a nice, sunny pick-me-up even if the rain is coming down.

Two Wounded Birds
Ah, to be young. Not sure if these guys originally wanted to be a band or a tribute act for The Drums, but nevertheless this is a standard piece of indie surf-rock to get all nostalgic over necking warm cider and failing your GCSEs to.

Whales In Cubicles
3½ minutes of 90s retro grunge pop that, although nothing particularly new or thrilling, is a pleasant listen and offers just enough for you to add Whales In Cubicles to your, 'ones to watch' list.

Single of the Week

Tashaki Miyaki
Tashaki Miyaki

floored us with their eponymous debut EP late last year (remind yourself of our verdict here), so it's pleasing to report that double A-side single 'Best Friend / Tonight' continues in the same way. 'Best Friend' is the gorgeously laidback offering to the perkier hooks of 'Tonight', but both tracks impress for their craft, as well as an unerring ability to plant themselves into your membrane. Wonderful.

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