Evarose - Changes EP

One play in and attentions turn to our resident expert on all things rock to make sure that we're appreciative of Evarose's Elements EP for the right reasons. The response? "You? Taken with a bunch of instrument-touting women? Never!" Honestly, the respect you get around these parts.

Four guitar-shredding women have their obvious allure, but Evarose impress predominantly because they're really rather good. Elements is a burst of five sharply honed, punchy rock tracks that grab the attention immediately and mess up your hairstyle, before leaving you with the bill. 'There's No Such Thing As Something For Nothing' shows that alongside the bounce, the four-piece can do expansive with a wonderful background vocal refrain, while closer 'Time Well Spent' suggests this lot could turn out a mean power ballad. Highly promising.



out of 10

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