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B.o.B (with Taylor Swift)
Anything with Taylor's name on it is gonna turn to gold, but while 'Both Of Us' tries for emotional reach, the tune itself is plodding and terribly hook-free.

Capital Sun
Following the same template as their debut single, Birmingham’s Capital Sun have produced another bouncy piece of pop perkiness that will be forgotten as soon as the final chords fade from the memory.

Dark Horses
Subtly unsettling in the best way, Dark Horses' 'Radio' unravels with hushed, echoed whispers before a straightforward - yet effective - bass line kicks alongside Lisa Elle's silky vocals. As a track, it never really goes anywhere, but still manages to glide through its four and a half minutes in the loveliest style.

Dog Is Dead
We're firmly of the belief at TMF Towers that life would be that much better if there were more sax solos in the world; clearly, Dog Is Dead agree. A rerecorded version of a live favourite, 'Glockenspiel Song' is such a wonderful burst of unadulterated joy that we find it hard to believe that anyone could listen to it without a smile on their face.

Francois and the Atlas Mountains
Afro-folk inspired percussion sets the steady pace for this perky summer jaunt from French natives Francois and the Atlas Mountains. As gentle as it is upbeat, don't let the nasally vocals or language barrier deter you from indulging in this summer pop ballad from the Domino exports.

Lovely buoyant song from Louisiana's Givers. 'Ceiling of Plankton' bounds in like a frolicking puppy, energetic and demanding your attention, with Taylor Guarisco's hearty vocals weaving in and out of the tune like a dance. Its cheery warmhearted melody and sunny disposition should help dispel the clouds of this dismal British summer.

You either like Keane or you don't. If you like the band's sweeping arrangements and Tom Chaplin's choirboy vocals than 'Sovereign Light Cafe' is right up your alley as it is classic Keane by numbers fare. If, however, you find such overblown arrangements and OTT performances tiresome then this song is not going to change your mind.

Marina And The Diamonds
Marina has taken effect-laden vocals and combined them with some eerie keys to create a slice of synth pop that is unlikely to divide opinions. Mediocre, middle of the road single which sounds like a thinly veiled attempt to imitate pop queen Lady Gaga, plucked from highly acclaimed album Electra Heart.

When you think of Sade, you immediately think of the beautiful and charismatic Sade Adu, yet thoughout the generous set of this delightful live album Bring Me Home (recorded during her triumphant 2011 tour), the audience is always reminded that Sade is a band, and a pretty impressive one at that. Scattered around a sparse and dimly lit stage, Sade and crew take the crowd on a journey through their rich back catalogue.Never a belter, Sade's cool and detached vocals sometimes have a bit of trouble competing with the powerful music, as with opener 'Soldier of Love', yet on the beautiful 'Your Love Is King' and showstoppers 'Smooth Operator' and 'The Sweetest Taboo' the voice is just as sweet and lovely as ever. This DVD - with accompanying CD - is a wonderful reminder of what a consummate performer Sade still is. Sit back and enjoy.

Sade's love is king.

Scissor Sisters
It's hard to know what's happened for the Scissor Sisters. Britain fell hard for them first time around and they've not messed with the formula too much, and yet I'm not sure we still care like we used to. Certainly, you know when you're playing Wickerman festival, the trajectory is no longer upwards.

St. Spirit
If you can get past Myles McCabe' rather annoying vocal mannerisms there is much to like in the epic post/prog rock stylings of St. Spirit. A gentle intro leads into some beautiful harmonies and a soaring crescendo worthy of a far more experienced band. Some fine tuning on the live circuit should help these boys deliver on their obvious talent.

The Hickey Underworld
A swirling, hypnotically repetitive, piece of indie weirdness that has some very odd noise interruptions scattered at random intervals. At over six minutes it does overstay it's welcome a tad but otherwise it's a nice primer for The Hickey Underworld’s upcoming new album.

Single of the Week

Pure Love
Search related artists for The Hope Conspiracy or Gallows and you won’t find Pure Love amongst the pickings. This is because former Gallows front man Frank Carter and ex-The Hope Conspiracy guitarist Jim Carroll are churning out something entirely new; well, new to them at least. ‘Handsome Devil’s Club’ may set The Smiths or The Gaslight Anthem bells a ringing, but it’s a real honest effort from this emerging outfit. Catchy, bluesy pop-punk that has a simple excellence.

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