Baroness - Yellow & Green

No matter what you think of Yellow & Green, this certainly wouldn't have been the record you or anyone else would have expected from Baroness. Whether it be the mellow ambience and gentle pickings of the colours' respective themes amongst others, or the instantly memorable hooks of the likes of 'Throw My Bones Away' and 'Board Up The House', the mood is instantly switched to something completely different. More often than not, the flow is interrupted by tracks veering alarmingly close to whiney indie guitar pop, 'Little Thing' and 'Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor)' being prime examples of Baroness trying too hard to be a band they are not, with songs the fans wouldn't dig were they heard blind.

The Yellow half will be the more familiar to most, straying no further than a more relaxed take on the Baroness sound, and as such is likely to be viewed by many as the better half. The Green disc on the other hand sees the band explore more fully this vapid cul-de-sac of nasally moaning vocals and pitter-patter guitars so favoured by the vain artsy posers such as The Vaccines. Can we have our Baroness back please?



out of 10

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