Singles of the Week

Sorry, but when you have a song from the boys from Leicester, everything else is second fiddle. Some strong contenders to be sure, but only one winner. Can you feel it coming?

Arrows Of Love
The latest single from this Hackney mob is a brutally ragged slab of indie rock with an aggressive swagger that should find them an audience with lovers of crunching power chords and good old fashioned yelping. Also available on Cassette for added hip-retro appeal.

Filthy Boy
If you were in a band, you'd call it Filthy Boy, right? 'Course you wouldn't, you twat. It's a shame FB have been lumbered with such a shit name, because 'Naughty Corner' is a smart slice of noirish indie that's caught the ear of Edwyn Collins - who's deigned to release it on his AED label.

Hatcham Social
Fierce Panda drop a reverb-heavy platter of Pulp-inspired indie that's just on the right side of 'too polished'. This is the kind of thing the wife would probably play to stop me putting The Exploited on the CD player.

Leanne Mitchell
Of course it was never going to hold a candle to Whitney Houston's version, yet The Voice UK winner Leanne Mitchell's take on 'Run To You' is far from terrible. It's clear Leanne has got the lungs and it is an impressive vocal, but the main problem is that it's curiously flat. Over-production perhaps?

Mara Carlyle
A re-working of a Vaughan Williams tune (it sez 'ere), this is patently a nice slice of modern femme singer-songwriterdom of the Nerina Pallot school. As such, it does nothing for me personally, yet you may find yourself humming it on the weekly shop round the M&S foodhall.


Nell Bryden

Middling, country-tinged fare from Brooklyn.

San Cisco
An indie pop treat, all the way from Adelaide. I'm off to gerrymander this week's vote, just in case there's a Kasabian single lined up that I didn't know about.

Low-key electronica with a hint of Bristolian trip-hop heritage. Nice for connoisseurs of the genre, but perhaps a little genteel for the rest of us.

The Birthday Suit
They might have the jangly indie guitars that are de rigour this year, but at least The Birthday Suit add a bit of bite to their sound. Beyond that though, ‘Less Worthless Years’ is pretty standard fair, monotonous and conformist, with a singularly irritating and seemingly unfinished wordless chorus.

The Dirty Heads
A lacklustre piece of sickeningly sweet alt-pop that has clearly been created with the sole intention of selling by the bucketloads to people who don't like anything resembling menace or excitement infiltrating their iPods. Hopefully the UK audience will treat it with the disdain it thoroughly deserves .

The Tricks
Released as a download-only single to mark the launch of their monthly club night, The Tricks' 'Part Time Lover' is a cracking jolt of punchy indie pop/rock that'll get the head nodding, whatever time of day you pop it on.

While She Sleeps
Metalcore crew from the sometime industrial city of Sheffield. Cue the inevitable 'British Steel' reference. I'll tell you this: it doesn't sound much like The Human League.

Single of the Week

The first song to emerge as a free download nearly a year ago, now the last single to be released from their phenomenal fourth album Velociraptor, 'Switchblade Smiles' leaps out of your speakers, a snarling beast of a track dripping with sinister electronic beats and hip-hop flavoured rhythms. This is classic Kasabian, a powerhouse number that is one of the highlights of their live shows. With this track Kasabian proudly wear their crowns as Britain's best band.

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