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Slim pickings this week - clearly, artists in the UK were a bit optimistic and thought that England would have got to the Euros final and therefore, we'd be only concerned about one thing and that wouldn't be music. Still, five entries or fifteen, there'd have probably been the same winner.

Andy Burrows
I'll be honest. You get a CD from someone called Andy Burrows and it does nothing to inspire confidence. Who are they? Some X Factor semi-finalist? Should we know who they are somehow? It might be contrived to give yourself a stage name or to hide your solo status behind a pretend band, but it sure helps the public and the media navigate their way through the traffic jam of new acts and music.Of course, then you have a quick scope at the video and you think "oh, it's that Andy Burrows". Burrows has some some cool mates (Mark Ronson, We Are Scientists' Keith Murray) and 'Keep On Moving On' is thoroughly competent, 70s tinged material that might just find a place on Dermot O'Leary's radio show - a comment we seem to have used too much in the past. Not a criticism, just an observation.

Newton Faulkner
If it isn't broken don't fix it would be a perfect motto for Newton Faulkner as this first single from his upcoming third album demonstrates. 'Clouds' is a pleasant piece of upbeat acoustic pop that is easy on the ear but lacking in anything remotely exciting. Perfect summer time fodder for avid fans and easily ignorable for everyone else

Well this made be very grumpy. There I was expecting a good old fashioned rock 'n' roll stomper from the long established psychoblliers The Sharks. Instead I had to suffer 3 1/2 minutes of dreary pop-punk from an outfit called Sharks. Perhaps if they had been bothered to find a vaguely original name then I may have been more receptive but, as it is, only some well place horn action saved this from being the dullest single I've heard all year.

White Light Parade
After two years away, Bradford indie rockers White Light Parade return with a workmanlike rocker that offers nothing to set them apart from the countless other bands in this over crowded and over lauded genre.

Single of the Week

With a muscular bass line and some nicely gloomy vocals, 'I'll Cut You' from London-based VuVuVultures is an absolute belter by anyone's standards. Approach it fresh in the knowledge that it's their first standalone single, however, and its accomplished dark brilliance turns it into something extra special. We can't wait to hear what they've got in store next.

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