Necro Deathmort - The Colonial Script

With a name referencing death three times in two words, it comes as little surprise that Necro Deathmort are somewhat on the bleak side, purveyors of all kinds of aural nastiness. Harsh industrial beats collide with reverb-drenched synths and monolithic doom-laden guitars on The Colonial Script to create a rather oppressive atmosphere laced with fear and dread; a Lovecraftian illusion that your worst nightmare is lying in wait around the next dark corner, only just out of sight but certainly not out of mind.

It seems though that Necro Deathmort haven't quite figured out what sort of band they are. Whilst the diversity of the record should be roundly applauded, whether it be the minimalistic strains of 'Wretched Hag' or the metallic blow-out of 'Insecto!', the lack of cohesion throughout The Colonial Script means it sounds as if there are three or four completely separate bands playing here. The album leaves more questions than it answers about Necro Deathmort on what is an intriguing record that will inextricably keep drawing you back.



out of 10

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