Luke White - Outside In

It’s quite hard to get a handle on Luke White. When we interviewed him recently, he was, if not exactly taciturn, certainly not full of the usual stock of industry quips and stories. His self-produced music is very well mannered, the ambience helped by Luke's well-spoken lyrics. It treads a path somewhere between the cognoscente credibility of the Blue Nile and the sort of songwriting you might otherwise expect from Guy Chambers. That makes it sound like easy listening, and to be perfectly blunt it is.

In amongst a bundle of new music though, this simply kept snagging my ears. I don't know the secret of writing exceptionally hook-laden choruses and snaring lyrics; however, it is patently clear that Luke does. While parts of the album are undoubtedly MOR, where it is good, it is very good indeed. ‘Black Market Red Roses’ for instance has a storyline based on overheard conversations of how ridiculously far people will go to impress would-be lovers. It's a widescreen, piano driven ballad, and I swear you will find yourself humming it despite yourself. If that one doesn't get you, ‘Made Of Love’ will. I shouldn’t like this, it's far too safe, but I cannot deny the quality, nor the fact that I've simply been listening to it for pleasure. Simon Pegg is a fan, but we won’t hold that against him.



out of 10

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