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It appears we have slim pickings for our singles roundup this week with just five titles fighting it out to be crowned Single of the Week...

The young man across the office tries to tell me that I "liked the last BIGkids single" and yet I will reach for the Cameron defence: "Don't ring a bell guv'nor". 'Superhero' has a nice fat bass line and the young people acting up in the video is quite fun but as a whole, it's somewhat bitty to really stick in the brain.

Kaiser Chiefs

Due to lack of interest tomorrow is cancelled.

Peaking Lights
Like a pair of San Francisco hippies left over from the Sixties let loose on a cornucopia of electronic gizmos, [b]Peaking Lights[/b] get lost on second album [i]Lucifer[/i] in a smoky haze of gentle beats, floating synths and ethereal guitars. A strange brew of some classic pop and chilled out digital musings over a late-night reggae groove helps the record descend into the utterly sedate, blissed-out recesses of the brain; a gentle massage to ease the stresses of the outside world.The problem for [b]Peaking Lights[/b] is not finding that sweet spot, but knowing when to get out. Too many of the songs on [i]Lucifer[/i] go far beyond the hypnotic and head into boredom as they repeat the same phrase for six or seven minutes, with precious little variation and absolutely no evolution. Just a smidgen of careful editing could have lifted [i]Lucifer[/i] from a sometime dirge to one enhanced by the freedom that many have translated since the heydays of free love.

Make sure to wear flowers in your hair.

School is Cool
School Is Cool hail from Belgium although you would have no way of identifying that from the very English type of orchestral pop storytelling on this debut UK single. A decent enough way to spend three minutes.

Simian Ghost
These Swedish indie popsters have a nice line in lovingly crafted, crystal clean and glacially smooth pop that would provide a perfect soundtrack to a beautiful summer's day and Automation is no exception. Let's hope the weather picks up so this can be enjoyed in it's most fitting environment, a scotch egg laden picnic with friends

Sunless '97
There are some nicely smooth ideas to be found on trio Sunless '97's second release, double A-side 'Body Weather / Azul', but both tracks suffer from the same issue: they're stretched too thin. With the tracks clocking in over the five minute mark, it's a good length to create a strong, laidback vibe, but not one conducive to effectiveness as by the time something ear-catching kicks in - such as the sax solo on 'Body Weather' - your mind has already wandered.

Single of the Week

I Am A Camera

An electro pop stormer which deserves to be one of the tunes of the summer, I Am A Camera's 'Factory Boys' delivers on the dark promise of 'Commuter Love' and then some. With a sharp-as-a-tack hook and Francesca Ross' excellent vocals, it's a track that'll linger long in the memory.

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