Grunge may have had its heyday in the nineties, but if you think it’s nothing more than an unimposing message from the past, take a listen to Nude, the debut album from London three piece BLEECH. The trio have found the message in a bottle, using it to craft a melodic angst that boons a clear, energetic vocal and possesses an ambition to hook. They have taken the grunge veins from Nirvana and pumped them full of melodic rock which flows in ways akin to Garbage, Ash and Hole. It's a sound all too familiar, but a sound that these three musicians have maturely honed, albeit forgetting to inject much excitement along the way.

The mature honing is clearest during the melancholic ‘Flowerhands’, a multi-dimensional soft element to the album, introducing solemn string sections, poignant harmonica, and beautifully dark vocals and is a track which wisely departs from the album’s otherwise repetitive level of energy. It’s a level of energy that never really booms, leaving you in anticipation for just that little bit extra – like waiting in a doctor’s surgery and creeping towards the edge of your seat every time a doctor appears, only to not have your name called. Tracks such as ‘The Worthing Song’, 'Holiday', and single ‘Mondays’ fire a bounce and melodic, bittersweet lyrics; traits which ultimately describe this debut album, but lack might.



out of 10

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