Peaking Lights - Lucifer

Like a pair of San Francisco hippies left over from the Sixties let loose on a cornucopia of electronic gizmos, Peaking Lights get lost on second album Lucifer in a smoky haze of gentle beats, floating synths and ethereal guitars. A strange brew of some classic pop and chilled out digital musings over a late-night reggae groove helps the record descend into the utterly sedate, blissed-out recesses of the brain; a gentle massage to ease the stresses of the outside world.

The problem for Peaking Lights is not finding that sweet spot, but knowing when to get out. Too many of the songs on Lucifer go far beyond the hypnotic and head into boredom as they repeat the same phrase for six or seven minutes, with precious little variation and absolutely no evolution. Just a smidgen of careful editing could have lifted Lucifer from a sometime dirge to one enhanced by the freedom that many have translated since the heydays of free love.



out of 10

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