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Its not often that I hear a piece of music that sends a shiver down my neck, when that happens you know you’ve got a special artist on your hands.

Field Music consist of four members; Andrew Moore, David and Peter Brewis and Tom English, and are the end product of various musical projects in the North East of England, with a spattering of names and lineups they finally decided upon ‘Field Music’ in 2004 when joined by Maximo Park’s drummer Tom English. The musical connections don’t end there however, Peter was the original Futureheads drummer, and his brother David recorded their first songs in his house.
So clearly we are looking at 4 very well connected people musically, which in a way helps them no-end, by having such a wealth of talent to call on and be influenced by. Its shown well in this, their debut single release Shorter Shorter.

The first track Shorter Shorter sounds reminiscent of the Beatles, and as I said further above really does send a tingle down the neck when you listen to it. Backed up by waning violins and stunning guitar mastery not seen since the 60s it’s a perfect introduction into the band.
On the flip side of the record we have the tracks; Trying to Sit Out and Breakfast Song. Both of which are excellent tracks which are similar to the first track on the record but yet at the same time individual.

I would put my neck on the line with this one and say that it would be exceeding hard to beat this single in 2005. Anyone who likes good music should buy this come April 11th, you really will not regret it in the slightest.



out of 10

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