Knifeworld - Clairvoyant Fortnight

On new EP Clairvoyant Fortnight, Knifeworld have managed to pull off a clever trick of referencing just about every major prog band from the 70s whilst still managing to create something a little bit different. Described as "bubblegum prog", there is a large dollop of sickly sweet pop to hold together the unashamed borrowing of Pink Floyd jams and Genesis tomfoolery. Striking an appealing balance between melodious and technical, this is exactly the sort of record that should appeal to both sets of fans.

With a few members of Chrome Hoof now on board, Knifeworld continue down that unhinged path with hints of freeform jazz and improvised musical skits creating an air of barely restrained chaos. But that sense of having heard it before is just a touch too strong; the opening of 'The Prime Of Our Decline' for example is lifted almost verbatim from King Crimson's Red album. It is actually impressive how much is crammed into the twenty or so minutes of Clairvoyant Fortnight, a real pick'n'mix that should bode well for further aural adventures.



out of 10

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Tags prog, rock
Category Quick Fix

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