FLATS - Better Living

Better Living, the debut offering from London's latest rebellious noisemongers FLATS, starts off in magnificent style with the colossal 'Foxtrot', a supreme example of devastatingly heavy sludge with a killer riff and thunderous bass. This is an ace slice of loud, raw music that creates an excitement and expectation for what is to follow. But rather than being the rule, this proves to be the exception as the rest of the album descends into a messy mix of decidedly bland punk ('Shuffle', 'Macabre Unit') and aimless noise ('Fast', 'Moonwalk').

The album sounds too incoherent to really make an impact, a noisy collection of cobbled together ideas with the sole purpose of being as raucous as possible without any real spark or reason, railing against not much at all. And oh, the woeful vocals... The screeching yelps that mar the majority of the record are painfully distracting, ruining the few decent spots that occasionally crop up after that initial high. On the whole Better Living is a poor, uninteresting effort from FLATS, and one to certainly be avoided.



out of 10

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Tags flats, london, punk
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