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Instead of taking in the glorious rays of summer I have been sweating over a hot laptop here in TMF towers to bring you this week's selection of Singles. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice.

There is a wonderfully modern feel to this Lush piece of summary brit-pop perkiness that is a real breath of fresh air and, with a bit of luck, would be the perfect festival soundtrack. Lovely stuff

A hard edges slice of powerful hip hop that is a world away from the anaemic garbage that infests the charts these days. Har Mar Superstar's appearance on the video just adds to the enjoyment.

Karima Francis
She's been away for three years, but 'Wherever I Go' is a lovely re-introduction to the emotive soul of Karima Francis. Understated yet powerful, it's a track that waltzes its way into your head and tugs every heartstring in the gentlest possible way. Delightful.

Karin Park
Dark icy electronica goodness awaits you on Karin Park's latest effort 'Restless', taken from her upcoming album Highwire Poetry out next week (28th). A sharp chorus provides suitable opportunity for Park's delectable vocal to mine its way into your membrane.

Man Like Me
Much as I love Flight of the Conchords, there is the danger that anything that falls under the vaguely campy, white disco-funk label will just sound like an outtake from the songbook of Brett and Jemaine. The little tics and hollers peppered throughout 'Squeeze' do nothing to erase that vague notion that it's just a sequin away from being a novelty track.


The Chevin
Not much info with the video, so will have to take The Chevin at face value. Bit Killers-y then, and definitely not scared to put it about a bit, 'Drive' is confident, mainstream alt-pop rock that has potential to appeal given the right outlet. Only downside is that listeners may feel the format has been played out.

Zahed Sultan
An irritatingly over produced and unneccesarily haphazard glitchiness takes the shine of what could otherwise have been an enjoyable EP. Sometimes less really is more.

Single of the Week

My Goodness
There may be more than little bit of The White Stripes about this Seattle duo's debut single but who cares when they can produce such a stomping piece of straight ahead garage rock brutality that wipes the floor with a lot of what passes for Rock 'n' Roll these days. No mess, no fuss just great music.

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