Atom Eye - Trilogy 120

Having made the move to go solo under the Atom Eye moniker, Elsie Martins brings us the three part Trilogy 120. Minimalistic drones are the order of the day, superbly crafted explorations of dark worlds built around haunting loops of echo-drenched synths and distorted samples. Striking a near-perfect balance between hypnotic, crawling, tendrils of noise and a necessary evolution of the idea, Trilogy 120 is a fully immersive experience that inextricably draws you into its twisted, nightmarish delight.

The trio are all underpinned by pulsating motorik rhythms buried deep in the mix, a disturbing undercurrent of deceptive malice. The ensuing feeling is one of unseen paranoia and the sense of being chased by unknown monsters through pitch black streets. Trilogy 120 could very easily be the soundtrack to a Lovecraft or Poe story, a fear of what remains out of sight, your brain filling the gaps with the most horrifying possibilities. This is thrilling and exhilarating descent into the deepest recesses of music.



out of 10

Last updated: 07/08/2018 02:05:45

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