Rupert Stroud - Chasing the Night

Chasing the Night is the second release by Leeds resident Rupert Stroud. I hesitate to mention the city as this suggests any number of northern city stereotypes. Rather, with this album we are dealing with an artist who is presenting a collection of songs based on his life, not their geographic location.

After appearances on the local circuit he was picked up by local producer Will Jackson whose CV features The Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace and The Cribs to name but a few, resulting in 2009’s Rupert Road. That attracted some critical attention but can now be considered a stepping stone to this latest full release.

At its heart these are songs centred on Stroud’s voice, carefully framed by backing singers, acoustic guitars within indie rock/pop arrangements. This description could cover any number of UK singer songwriters; what separates Stroud from the rest is in the songs, their invention, their engagement with the listener - and the simple tales of life and love that they convey. He even dares to include choruses, which before you realise, you’ll find yourself singing along to. It's a radical notion, we know.

There’s too much mediocrity in music not to back artists who are willing to bring something this refreshing to an audience. Welcome Rupert Stroud into your collection and embark with him in chasing the night and the stories beyond the darkness.



out of 10

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