Singles of the Week

With the perpetual lack of sunlight that is the British summer continuing, we can only hope at least one of this week's singles will brighten our day...

These Brooklynites are way out there man and this collage of space rock and 90s tripped out grooves is a joyous way to spend three minutes. Now where are those Kit Kats?

The final taster of 21-strong female choir Gaggle's debut album From The Mouth Of The Cave before it hits shelves on June 4th, 'Army Of Birds' is certainly unique as the numerous vocals delightfully overlap and harmonise throughout, leading to a track that is ear-catching at the very least. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but even its detractors would have to admit that it's superbly crafted and produced nonetheless.

Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids have released the wrong single here- B-side 'Was That A Joke' blows chosen single 'Feels Like A Lifetime' clean out of the water. Simple guitar-led rock with Dan Lardner's gravelly makes a winning combination that is equally as likely to satisfy those who like their music loud as those who like it, well, not so loud.

Odonis Odonis
In the right crowd this, this gloriously ramshackle slab of fuzzed up surf punk is sure to give you a 'Busted Lip' of your own. Great stuff

Odonis Odonis - Busted Lip by Odonis Odonis

The Coronas
There's something about the phrase 'Dublin band' that sends a shiver up the spine, mostly because just about everything that makes it across the Irish sea and into the Music Fix inbox is competent yet predictably moderate adult-oriented-pop that just screams 'The Script support slot'.

This Many Boyfriends
With more than a hint of The Smiths about it, This Many Boyfriends' '(I Should Be A) Communist' doesn't last long enough to become annoying - which sometimes this kind of indie pop/rock in the wrong hands can be - but it also doesn't do enough to be anything other than a pleasantly diverting, jaunty listen, if not exactly memorable. Fun though.

We Are Augustines
Having finished wowing UK audiences on their recent tour We Are Augustines return with a brilliantly evocative tale of a beautiful and creative Mexican border town needlessly laid waste by drug wars. If you don't like this then you have no soul or taste. Blue collar rock of the highest order.

Single of the Week

Paloma Faith
'Picking Up The Pieces' marks a sumptuous return for Paloma Faith on the first track to be taken from her forthcoming second effort Fall To Grace. Her powerful, affected vocals are gloriously in tact, imbuing the track with such fierce emotion that it's hard to not get swept away. Welcome back Paloma. We've missed you.

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