Headspace - I Am Anonymous

Given the personnel in Headspace, it comes as no surprise that debut offering I Am Anonymous is very proggy and rather on the heavy side. Keyboardist Adam Wakeman (son of the inimitable Rick) and guitarist Pete Rinaldi do a grand job of crafting some beautifully weighty yet melodic music, without too often resorting to epic displays of self-indulgent virtuosity. Of course, this being prog, there are lots of opportunities to show off their chops, but they are relatively brief and don't bore.

The problem is the length of the album as a whole. At nearly 80 minutes it is gargantuan, and there is little to justify the extreme duration with precious little variation to approach or method throughout. I dare say leaving out the middle half of I Am Anonymous would barely be noticed, even improving the album as it would have held the attention span for its entire duration. Yet this is hardly a dud record, and Headspace will rightly be held up as a shining example of new British prog still emerging.



out of 10

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