Royal Thunder - CVI

It is hard to believe that CVI is the debut album from Royal Thunder given the huge sound and unashamed swagger it possesses but, one EP aside, this is their first full-length. A veritable melting pot of Southern blues, stoner doom and hippy psychedelia, these trippy jams are as melodious as they are groovy whilst Mlny Parsonz' delicious vocals soar overhead; a joyous delight that immediately gives the stalwarts of the stoner movements a run for their money.

But Royal Thunder aren't quite there yet. CVI is overly long, running down lengthy cul-de-sacs on repeated occasions as the record drags on for a few too many songs. It is a difficult balance to find between exploring an idea to its fullest to draw the listener in, and overplaying it so as to bore said audience out of their mind, a trick Royal Thunder will hopefully learn soon enough. Whilst this might not be a contender for album of the year, CVI heralds one of the most promising newcomers of 2012 yet.



out of 10

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