Summerlin - You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire

If, like me, you’re a classic pop-punk veteran, Yorkshire quartet Summerlin will seduce you into sharing that piece of your heart you vowed to no-one other than New Found Glory. Or maybe it was The Starting Line or Home Grown that made you melt and secretly still do. Either way, classic pop- punk has been given the kiss of life, and if anytime is good to put your polygamist skills to the test, it’s now.

You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire is ten tracks of soaring choruses, bounding hooks, angst, and pop-punk additives. At times it’s easy to mistake this album for something you heard seven, maybe even eleven years ago, but this debut’s subtle hard edge slaps you out those reminiscent daydreams, locking your attention and making your ears dance like audio controlled puppets. The title track has a fierce charge and hugely anthemic choruses, combining the punk stylings of The Offspring and the fresher sing-along pop sounds of Paramore. Tracks such as opener ‘Let it Go’ and ‘Sink or Swim’ deal with subjects of change, alienation, and sacrifice in an uplifting, bouncy manner, whilst Drew Lawson’s vocals during ‘United Divided’ learn the way of the gruff, akin to Letlive’s Jason Aalon Butler. Ultimately, this is a strong debut from a band that will slay their way to the forefront of pop-punk.



out of 10

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