Girlyman - Supernova

Technically, Girlyman (no, I don’t know who ever thought that would be a good band name either), with their subtle harmonies and soothing melodies, should fit in with the currently popular acoustic-folk hybrid. However, the three-way vocals on Supernova are incredibly grating, at best, while the lack of direction or flow across the thirteen tracks makes the transition between most songs awkward - to the point where the album could be a compilation of songs from a multitude of artists. Rather than bring variety, the three different authors just bring muddle and disharmony.

The tracks showcased here have obviously had a lot of time spent on their composition, but too much production weighs the quartet down, creating a sound which is lifeless and dull. ‘Break Me Slow’ proves they have the ability to write a well structured song, but the tortured lyrics simply make for an even more depressing sound. Previous fans of Girlyman may find nothing wrong here, although they have made little progress from previous recordings. Supernova is the scientific term given to a dying star. Draw your own conclusions.



out of 10

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