Yeti - Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

A skip through alley ways and parks during a grey skied day, is the atmosphere evoked by ex-Libertines bassist, John Hassall’s newly formed band Yeti. Like when Dave Grohl moved on to form the Foo Fighters with the merry Big Me, Hassall has turned the Libertine frown upside down and has released an uplifting single about marveling the world despite how disappointing or cruel it can be.

Hassall has proved that it is the quiet ones you have to look out for, and the almost anonymous Libertine, compared to other band mates anyway, may very well indeed become the greatest sounding survivor of the Libertine wreckage.

And hey, Yeti don’t even sound like the Libertines, in fact it’s quite the reverse.

... Sense of Wonder is an old school 90s sounding ditty brimming in positivity and fine folk strummings reminiscent of the long haired 60s folk but with modern sensitivities. Plus with B Sides laced with dark imaginings, Yeti are establishing themselves not as anything we’d expect, except for having a talent for creating easy indie beats.



out of 10

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