Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix

Living up to their name, Tenacious D are back with Rize Of The Fenix (sic), some six years after the flop of their album and film double bill The Pick Of Destiny. People were tiring of them then, and nothing has changed to indicate that they will fare any better now. The new record is very much more of the same from this immature duo; no matter that Kyle might actually be able to rock a mean acoustic, and that Dave Grohl once again shines behind the kit (where he belongs), that is not what anyone will take away from Rize Of The Fenix.

The lyrics are purile and heavy-handed, falling well short of any semblance of wit. There are thankfully only a couple of skits this time around, but these too are dull, humourless affairs that even at two minutes feel as if they drag on for too long. Rize Of The Fenix is the same old joke that no one else is laughing at any more; once was quite funny, second time around wearing a little thin, but now Tenacious D are a waste of space that have long since lost any appeal.



out of 10

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