The Unkindness Of Ravens - Virus

Metallic guitars and sultry female vocals are the cornerstone of Virus, the debut offering from electro-rock duo The Unkindness Of Ravens. Set against a backdrop of harsh electronic beats, this is a highly competent experiment in new age industrial menace. With a nod to the futurepunk movement and the cyberdog generation, it rarely loses the pulsating momentum that the three singles opening the record build up in exhilarating style.

It must be said that the better songs are packed towards the front end of Virus, 'Last Call For The River' exemplifying the crushingly dark and fierce sound that is The Unkindness Of Ravens at their best. As we get deeper into the record, some of the fiery passion goes amiss; the building blocks are the same, but they don't mean quite as much and aren't as disturbing and unsettling as the earlier tracks. Still, Virus is a fine maiden voyage with plenty to please the industrialist in us all.



out of 10

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