Simian Mobile Disco - Unpatterns

If word on the grapevine (or hipster hotspot Tumblr, at least) is to be believed, electro-house is so 2010 and we shouldn’t be listening to anything released after about 1988. English dance duo Simian Mobile Disco is here to prove the skinny jean brigade wrong. Opening track ‘I Waited for You’ is a slow burner, building minimalist electro with smooth baritone vocals. The neat drum loop is hypnotic, sucking you inside the well-oiled SMD machine. The subtle sounds of this track are a gradual introduction to the layered wizardry of Unpatterns. This is an album which knows that less is more. SMD take their time letting the listener fully appreciate each unique beat, breaking away from the often over-complex production which other electro artists can fall into.

Single ‘Seraphim’ is laced with soulfully seductive vocal loops over mid-tempo, synth laced pop which will be definitely featuring heavily over the summer festival months. ‘A Species Out of Control’ couldn’t be further removed, an eerie five minutes of brash, bass-laden beats with an alien feel.

Previous fans of Simian Mobile Disco expecting massive drops and adrenaline fuelled beats may be disappointed. However those looking for an album with the long term factor will find refuge in Unpatterns, with each listen there is a new subtle angle to discover. Unpatterns is not what you would expect from a dance duo on the brink of becoming a household name. Kudos to them then, for sticking to what sounds good rather than what sells - we can leave the radio friendly DJ presence in the monopolistic hands of David Guetta.



out of 10

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