After a series of well-received EPs, Off! have a stab at a full-length - although it barely reaches the 17 minutes mark. You will be aware that Off! are a (minor) punk supergroup of sorts, with Black Flag/Circle Jerks man Keith Morris joining various members of Burning Brides, Rocket From The Crypt and Redd Kross to punch out short, sharp blasts of old-style Californian hardcore. It's great, a near-perfect distillation of the genre that spits in the face of ridiculous bands who might harbour ridiculous ambitions of aiming for the 20-minute mark.

But that's all it is. And after littering the pages of Maximum Rock 'n Roll for the past 30 years, to see the likes of Off! in the mainstream press seems both incongruous and heartening. 'I Got News For You' they say - and the message seems to be 'hardcore 'til I die.'



out of 10

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