The Dandy Warhols - This Machine

At the turn of the century, US indie rock band The Dandy Warhols turned in one of the definitive anthems for Strokes-loving, skinny-jeaned boys and girls who were 'down with vegan food' and liked to tousle their greasy Glasto locks down at the indie disco. They've failed to match the commercial success of 'Bohemian Like You' but have continued to build on that song's attitude-driven punch across several albums that have thrown psychedelic influences atop the band's steadfast alternative rock sound. Now, with ninth album This Machine, these Dandies don't exceed expectations but show up and get the job done with a short but assured collection of confident, festival-ready successors to their early singles.

The self-proclaimed machine powers up with ‘Sad Vacator’, a new usual suspect in the band’s bluesy, posturing garage rock canon. There are plenty of moments to rub up against the likes of ‘Bohemian’ and ‘We Used To Be Friends’, including ‘The Wow! Signal’ and ‘Enjoy Yourself’ with its enjoyably arch vocal from frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor. ‘The Autumnal Carnival’ is a twitchier, paranoid cousin to the familiar sonic territory here, but the more experimental moments don’t always pay off: the jury’s still out on halfway point ‘Well They’re Gone’, a creepy little oddity featuring whispered vocals, a hip-hop beat and spooky carnival theremin. But on highlight ‘Rest Your Head’, a lush and effectively delivered dreamy rock ballad, these Dandies prove that a machine doesn’t have to be built out of entirely new parts to be well-oiled and efficiently run.



out of 10

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