Kontrust - Second Hand Wonderland

Some albums just utterly fail to make sense, no matter how many times you listen to them. And with Second Hand Wonderland, Austrian mavericks/weirdoes Kontrust have delivered a record far beyond comprehension. Exhibit one, opening track 'Sock 'n' Doll', goes through five disparate genres inside the first two minutes. Starting off as in an electronic rap-rock verse before it bursts into an industrial metal Rammstein pastiche, then quickly shifting to Euro disco via some Balkans pop (complete with accordion), and finally into a reggae breakdown. What the hell is quite going on here?

Ultimately, it is the heavier industrial elements that prevail, even as these bonkers influences and random jumps continue throughout. Yet despite this apparent shambles, Second Hand Wonderland holds together magnificently with the help of a keen ear for a catchy tune and, against all odds, Kontrust have managed to shape a very enjoyable album. It still completely bamboozles me on every play through, but eventually you lie back and sink into this severely twisted and fun alternate universe.



out of 10

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