JK Flesh - Posthuman

No album poses such a threat to subwoofers the length and breadth of the country as Posthuman, the first record under Justin Broadrick's new moniker, JK Flesh. Taking on dubstep again in his own inimitable way, this is not merely jumping on the latest bandwagon but a return to, and refinement of, JKB's Techno Animal days. Along with the ultra-violent bass beats, there are oodles of his signatures sounds, from the echo-drenched guitars to the scrawling waves of feedback wrapped around some truly menacing riffs.

There are also shades of the dub remixes Justin did of the Godflesh material in the late 90s, but this time the cacophonous compositions retain that industrial harshness that got lost in the earlier experiments – JK Flesh is what they should have sounded like. Posthuman is a very extreme album, a challenging listen that pushes at the boundaries of tolerance; after the disappointment of recent Jesu releases, the spark reignited by the Godflesh reformation is shining through here - and long may it continue.



out of 10

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