CYMBALS - Sideways, Sometimes

Although billed as a mini-album, Sideways, Sometimes is essentially a five-track EP with three rather superfluous and brief instrumentals. Not so easy to categorise are CYMBALS themselves, but this is no bad thing.

At times a falsetto Bloc Party ('No Bad Decisions'), at others a more electronic Friendly Fires ('Intense Kids'), Sideways, Sometimes certainly cannot be accused of standing still. No musical avenue is mined twice within the five full tracks, with the sharp production the one mainstay whatever they turn their hand to. 'Candy Bar' is the undoubted highlight with its fabulous central hook and catchy vocal refrain, but each track brings something exciting to the table even if at times, they need a stricter editor as in the case of the overlong 'No Bad Decisions'. When it comes to a full-length, CYMBALS might need a stronger sense of direction but Sideways, Sometimes is an interesting offering if nothing else.



out of 10

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