Wodensthrone - Curse

Folklore and black metal make easy bedfellows and given our dark and bloody history, England provides a rich backdrop from which to draw some pretty twisted and morbid inspiration. Under (admittedly ridiculous and unfortunately laughable) aliases such as Wildeþrýð, Gerádwine and Hréowsian, Sunderland's Wodensthrone are very much leaving the present-day industrial bleakness of the North East behind in search of more fantastical tales to tell from an age long lost to myths and legends.

Second album Curse sees the band refining and exploring their sound of sweeping atmospheric keyboards and traditional black metal guitars, all wrapped up in a proggy sense of musical wanderings and epic scenes. Whilst this might not be the most original of concoctions after over a decade of post-everything in which this formula has become de rigueur, Wodensthrone still do a fine job of painting aural pictures and drawing the listener into this shadowy world they have recreated.



out of 10

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