Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Lost In The New Real

Although Lost In The New Real might be released under his own name, fans of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's other projects, most notably Ayreon, will revel in the familiar old pattern. With only two protagonists in the latest story, there is no wealth of special guests appearing here, but that simply leaves more room for Lucassen and his madcap ravings. Musically in the same vein as most Ayreon undertakings, it is massively over-the-top prog and power metal with big guitars and huge banks of synths in true grandiose operatic style.

The first disc is the central story, a camp sci-fi adventure of a cryogenically frozen man waking up in the distant future, with few surprises and the usual disjointed feel as the music is forced to fit the picture. The second side mixes it up more with tunes that didn't fit, and some interesting covers; most notable is the crushingly heavy version of Pink Floyd's 'Welcome To The Machine'. Lost In The New Real is certainly only for those already enchanted by the twisted fantasies of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, and will be seen by such as a fine addition to his impressive canon.



out of 10

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Tags concept, pop, prog, rock
Category Quick Fix

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