Clock Opera - Ways To Forget

Having made an impression with a strong batch of singles, the debut album from Clock Opera brings with it high expectations - and it just about manages to meet them. With a lot of to admire but surprisingly little to fully love, Ways To Forget is a masterclass in musical craft even if very few tracks make a lasting impression.

An album with the slow-building delights of 'Belongings' and 'Once And For All' is never going to be a dull listen, it's just that sometimes tracks are a collection of parts rather than a complete whole; the likes of 'The Lost Buoys' and 'Lesson No. 7' cannot be faulted for their ambition, yet they don't gel enough to last long in the memory. The same can't be levelled at the frenetic recent single 'Man Made' - arguably the album's highlight and also it's most structurally straightforward effort - and the euphoric closer 'Fail Better' which builds into a glorious final vocal refrain, and these moments shine brightly enough to make Ways To Forget a highly interesting and exciting listen. All it'll take for Clock Opera to become truly unforgettable is someone to tell mastermind Guy Connelly that not every track need be a complex layered beast; sometimes simple really is best.



out of 10

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