Savage - Sons of Malice

Classic hard rockers Savage have been resurrected after a decade long hiatus. If you’ve been wondering what they’ve been doing all this time, I would say that judging by this new release, they’ve been grilling their mean streak. Sons of Malice struts right out of your speakers, throws its leathers and shades on, necks a whiskey, and rides off into the distance, probably to a pool hall brimming with babes and beards. Call that a cliché description of hard rock, but that's what happens when you're by a band that influenced metal goliaths Metallica.

‘The Rage Within’ storms off the starting line with relentless fury; Chris Bradley’s vocals tough enough to square up to anything as he spits out the words “take a hike before I bust your face.” Such lyrics are permissible in an album that reeks with so much disgust. The album’s title track batters the bankers who slapped us in the face with recession, its livid, broad-chested riffs leading the pack. Sedating the aggression, ‘Hanging Tree’ pulls up on the side of the road. After enjoying a sunset interlude with acoustic guitars, it jumps back on the saddle and rides the sonic waves. Back with fresh faces on guitar and drums, Savage have mastered a giant record which spawns furious riffs and contagious grooves. A record so heavy it forms craters with every stomp.



out of 10

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