Nothing But Noise - Not Bleeding Red

This is an unusual complaint, I admit, but Nothing But Noise are all the more disappointing because they are good, very good. The rationale behind the unease is that as enjoyable as Not Bleeding Red is, it is also a remarkably faithful replication of Tangerine Dream's Virgin Years, and a damn fine job they have done of it too. So if they can do this so well, how good could they be with a few original ideas of their own?

The astral synths and motorik rhythms are highly evocative as they wrap themselves around the listener's brain, taking them to the outer reaches of the cosmos in much the same way the krautrock pioneers did forty years ago. And yet the only hint of progression in these four decades is a crisp, deeper sound without the small clicks and hisses of reused quarter inch tape. This sycophantic plagiarism is quite simply unacceptable and a bore. With input from Front 242's Daniel B, this a horrible waste of talent and skill.



out of 10

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