Ufomammut - Oro: Opus Primum

The first half of a pair due this year, Oro: Opus Primum sees the Italian psychedelic troubadours Ufomammut pulling some serious mind-bending aural acrobatics. Underpinned by a supremely heavy fuzzed-out bass, this is about as trippy as it gets as the hypnotic riffs and swirling synths propel the listener higher than an orange saturated with LSD. Playing against a backdrop of relentless kosmische drive and the constant chatter of distorted voices, this is as a disturbing listen as it is an enthralling ride.

Even though it is divided into five tracks, in reality this is one long trip as the music rises and falls with an emotionally draining intensity. Of course, it leans heavily on many of the genre's founding fathers with hints of Hawkwind and Tangerine Dream very evident, but Ufomammut manage to draw them all together and produce an album that doesn't replicate any of them. Indeed, Oro: Opus Primum is an enjoyable experience in which fans of the aforementioned will find much to feast upon.



out of 10

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