The Safety Fire - Grind The Ocean

Over the past couple of years, the UK has become something of a cauldron for the latest wave of technical metal bands, often with an international flavour too. Add to that list now The Safety Fire and their debut record Grind The Ocean. Flying through full-blown prog epics in just six minutes and loaded with riffs heavy enough to topple buildings, lead single 'Huge Hammers' has already proved to be a hit, and there is nothing to suggest that the album won't be greeted with equal delight.

Going beyond the recent trend of "harder, faster, louder", Grind The Ocean varies the pace and mood, sliding from quiet introvert to brawling goliath with a fluidity and easy beyond their tender years. The problem is that they rarely deviate from the set formula established early on, meaning the tracks begin to merge into one fluctuating stream and ultimately slide towards the unmemorable. But this is a first attempt after all, and there is plenty of promise for the future.



out of 10

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