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Whilst it's too early to say that The Darkness have inspired a movement as such, there does appear to be a number of hard-rockin', JD- clutchin' bands coasting in their wake, albeit without the ridiculous leopard-skin jumpsuits.

Jet, signed to Warners subsidiary Elektra, have the obligatory guitar/bass/drums lineup but hark back to the days when The Quireboys were selling out not only major venues but were also in the charts. Think those days are long gone? 'Course, yeah... like Britpop never happened, Jet are expected to be somewhere in the Top 40 this Sunday evening with this, Rollover DJ.

Oh, you gotta love a song in which the first word in the chorus is 'Hey!" Like a child admitting they might be dumb but they sure are happy, Rollover DJ is a big chunky rock song that'll sound great even when bleeding out of a tinny and underpowered radio and combines a few of the best bits of Nancy Boy's Johnny Chrome And Silver with Primal Scream's Jailbird to winning effect. Daft? Oh yeah but there's no need to be cool all of the time.

This release of Rollover DJ has been copied across two singles with both featuring a video - CD1 has the original promo and CD2 has a live version of the song shot at Pentonville Prison Officers Club - as well as a couple of B-Sides. CD1 has Sgt. Major, which comes up just short of Rollover DJ, and a live version of Are You Gonna Be My Girl whilst CD2 has a demo version of You Don't Look The Same and a live recording of Cold Hard Bitch. Given the rest of the songs across the two discs, you think, "Of course, they're gonna have a song called Cold Hard Bitch" and so they do.

Whilst not as good as The Faces, there's a raunchy grunt to this that, if that's your bag, you'll feel right at home.



out of 10

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